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We know that packing can be a nuisance when traveling. Everything from how much the airlines allow a passenger to bring along to how to pack the toilet bag to avoid overflowing. Gents guides you through the jungel.


Hand Luggage

The restrictions for hand luggage have changed a number of times over the last few years. Not only that the airport's changes are confusing, since then all airlines have their own rules for what applies to their cabin baggage. We therefore recommend that you always check with your current airline what their restrictions are, to avoid unnecessary additional fees.

If you have liquid, gel or creams in your hand luggage, these should be shown in the security check. Therefore, always pack these products / necessaries easily in the hand luggage to ensure that the security check runs as smooth as possible.

At all airports, packages containing max 100 ml of liquid are allowed. If you only travel with hand luggage, there are smart solutions and products for those who want to carry your daily products on the trip. Use travel size products, or use empty bottles that you can replenish from your regular products to a package that is allowed on the trip.

More tips for your hand luggage:

  •  Get a sample of your favourite perfume, so you don't have to bring the whole bottle
  • Use Benjamin Barbers travel atomizer and fill it with your favourite scent.
  • Buy small tubes of tooth paste, see Marvis 25 ml
  • Keep your toilet bag on top in the luggage, easy to reach but protected with clothes to avoid damage. 

toilet bag

A good toilet bag is important for keeping a good structure in the suitcase and keep your products in order. We have listed our favourites and their pros and cons.

Benjamin Barber in Brown Leather

+ Long lasting quality
+ ages with style
+ Timeless classic
- To expensive to forget at the hotel room

Sailor's in Blue Canvas

+ Made of waxed canvas to be resistant of dirt and water.
+ Fine letaher details
+ For all kinds ofvtravels
- A big customers favorite, which means you can encounter someone with the same necessity and confuse them

Nylon Toilet Bag

+ Can be machine washed, good if a product has leaked
+ Exterior sidepocket for products that need to be easily accessible during travel
+ The price
- No "luxury" feeling


Truefitt & Hill Military travel roll-up

+ Structures and organizes your products
+ Stylish design
+ Keep it out for decoration purposes
- Can't hold larger products

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