Spring Fragrances


Spring is approaching and we wear lighter clothes. And fragrances. As we leave the cold winter behind and getting hotter in ourselves, we want fresher and more refreshing scents. Spring scents can be difficult to identify because they often are fresh like summer scents but has a heavier base with light woody notes such as beech and cypress. A generic term you often hear as a description of spring fragrances are green tones. 

The fragrance notes we take an extra look on this season is Vetiver; an Indian grass with hints of earth, wood and fresh sweet and sour chord. White musk is also a note to look out for. White Musk is a synthetic velvety fragrance with notes of ambergris and blackberries. A note who came strong last year is mint and the trend is still keeping up. Mint has a refreshing effect and are often found in the top note that settles for a little while but smells seductively and fresh for those who come up really close.

Spring scents often perceived as easier, but that is no excuse to drown yourself in perfume. A true gentleman is not ostentatious. Be moderate, even if your choice of fragrance is lighter.

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